The Big Punk Rock Lie And The Peruvian Truth

The Big Punk Rock Lie And The Peruvian Truth

The Big Punk Rock Lie And The Peruvian Truth

In the larger South American continent, popular punk rock artists are much admired, even though few fans understand the real origin of this popular music genre. With controversy arising in recent years between opposing rock groups, recent research has finally discovered the real origin of punk–Lima, Peru. True as it sounds, the much admired music genre hit off in a cinema exhibition in the Peruvian capital in the 1960s.

Most people might believe that punk was born in a contemporary music setting associated with popular punk rock bands including the Sex Pistols or the Sonics. But one of Peru’s most adored bands the Los Saicos meaning the Psychos were already strumming and warming their way to many Peruvian fans. The band, which was popular in the 1960s, may not have lasted for long but their style eventually led to the emergence of punk rock.

Although Los Saicos idolized western bands including the Rolling Stones and the Beatles, they eventually developed a distinctive blend of garage and break dance music, which was previously not seen elsewhere in the Southern American region. Los Saicos are believed to be the first ever Latino punk band to compose and release six singles in the 1960s.Of the surviving group members who are well in their prime years, it is perhaps their time to savor the impact of the punk adaptation which they brought to life.

Los Saicos has recently re-emerged in the Peruvian capital bringing along some of their trademark compositions including Demolicion, which seem to augur well with rebel causes and political dissenters. Even though the group might have exploded and then fizzled out too soon from the music scene in Peru, the group’s inadequacy in equipment and technology led them to improvise. The Roland Carpio guitar is seen as the turning point that brought about a musical sound that became the blueprint for rock bands in most western countries.

To stamp their place in the early Latino music industry, the Los Saicos has been formally included in Zona de Obras official glossary of Spanish punk rock bands as the first ever-punk band. According to ‘Saicomania’ experts who were involved in documenting a commemorative feature about the group, the initial compositions were belted out long before western bands discovered the unique sounds and incorporated them in what became a popular choice of music starting in the 1970s. As their popularity picked fast, Los Saicos performed in their first ever-cross border concert in Spain where they were hailed by the media as the first punk rock band worldwide.

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