Tips for Grilling Your Cabrito

Tips for Grilling Your Cabrito

Cabrito, or roast milk-fed goat kid, is a Mexican delicacy that originated as a regional specialty of the city of Monterrey. Grilled cabrito is a long time favorite for family gatherings and, done right, can be an excellent centerpiece to a sumptuous feast for your relatives and friends.
Preparation Methods
This Mexican treat may be baked (al horno), grilled (al pastor) made into a guisada by shredding it or cooked “en salsa” in a rich ranchero sauce. Garlic, pepper and salt are the basic spices to use. It is not necessary to marinade cabrito.
Avoid Processed Garlic
Whether you choose to prepare your cabrito “al horno” or place it over a grill, you should salt and pepper your cuts while adding a dash of garlic. Avoid using powdered garlic or garlic salt as they may have a tangy taste. Use granulated garlic instead.
How to Grill
Remember, you are grilling, not smoking your meat. For this reason, it is recommended that you use pecan wood, oak or mesquite if cooking over a wood-burning grill. It should take about 15 minutes to brown each side of the cut over a bed of medium-hot coals, after which you may set it to the side or on indirect heat to cook for about an hour.

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